Missional Communities are the primary way that we make disciples within Heights Church. These groups gather at least one time throughout the week to invite one another into community, share the gospel, and build relationships.  Once you are plugged into a Missional Community you will see that these groups are much more than a gathering of people. They aim to spend time together learning how their Identity in Christ reshapes they regular rhythms everywhere they eat, work, play, and learn. You will find that these groups are made up of folks from all walks of life. Some have been Christians for years, while some would say they are not Christians at all. While they do gather as a small group they are not a small groups. While they do study the bible, but they are not solely bible studies. They are communities of people learning to live out the gospel.

What about Kids? Bring them! Your kid(s) are a vital and important part of being family. They can teach us just as much as we can teach them. We have developed some really fantastic ways to serve kids (and allow them to serve us) within our Missional Communities.


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